Clip "Planet Crash" by David Kenny

Tuesday 10 May 2011, by Syn-Anton

After completing an extensive European tour with the seminal post punk legends Killing Joke, France’s Treponem Pal are now releasing a music video directed by David Kenny (Genertik Ltd), an expert in extreme rock genres and all types of crazy visual journeys.

In the " Planet Crash " video, Kenny and lead singer Marco Neves aimed at fusing industrial punk energy with a Japanese dance called Butoh.

Neves’s lyrics often conjure up the intensity man can generate in order to build as well as destroy himself. The video is an extremely powerful synergy and harmony of two cultures : Industrial and Butoh.
Marco Neves from "Planet Crash" shoot
It’s a new vision, a new version of a dance and a trance. The raw and primitive Butoh along with Treponem Pal’s sonic assault merge to take us to " Planet Crash ".
Butô dancer from "Planet Crash" shoot
The video was filmed at 3 Mills Studio in London (famous for directors such as Tim Burton and David Cronenberg –, directed and edited by David Kenny and his production company Genertik Ltd (London - Video production coordinator is Samara Kain, dancer Marie-Gabrielle Rotie and David Kenny together with Bruno Mathez holding the cameras.
Polak from "Planet Crash" shoot

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