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Thursday 2 June 2011, by Syn-Anton


"SURVIVAL SOUNDS" album remixed by Lofofora, Asian Dub Foundation, Dee Nasty, Punish Yourself vs Sonic Area, Silent Frequencies, Beat In Zen, La Machine, Quetzalcoatl, Jipouille de Saint Loup, Fedayi Pacha, Mimetic, Suicide Inside, Rasboras....

SOON AVAILABLE on our Juste Une Trace label !!!!


After a bunch of explosive albums, massive collaborations (Young Gods, KMFDM) and punchy on-stage partnerships (Nine Inch Nails, Prong, Ministry, Faith No More, Godflesh, Killing Joke), TREPONEM PAL is the spearhead of the French industrial musical scene

• 2013 : While the band was touring around the country to support the “SURVIVAL SOUNDS” Album (playing the Hellfest Festival in June among others), some other “sounds survivors” worked on their own vision of TREPONEM PAL and their new album. Coming from all musical horizons (as Treponem Pal does), from hip hop (Dee Nasty), electro pop (Asian Dub Foundation), dark electro (La Machine, Mimetic) to industrial metal (Punish Yourself), heavy rock (Lofofora) and even dub reggae (Fedayi Pacha), each of them added his own inspiration for a remixes album, and
the whole project gave birth to "EVIL MUSIC FOR EVIL PEOPLE (THE REMIXES)".

• 2012 : "SURVIVAL SOUNDS", TREPONEM PAL’s 6th album, will be released by Juste Une Trace on September the 7th.

The music of TREPONEM PAL has always been a high-sounding patchwork; this new project goes straight into the same direction. As soon as the first track sounds, hypnotic and bewitching vibrations are taking you for a trip to the land of chaos.

Riding on heavy riffs, unbounded machines and precise drumming, Marco Neves’ voice, still powerful and husky, sometimes takes a kind of industrial crooner vibration : "Runaway Far Away" is a hit, "Lowman Blues" a future classic.

The band is also having quick d(tr)ance steps with a "Drunk Waltz", staggered and whirled… The songs "Evil is Calling" and "Subliminal Life", dark and oppressive, hammer their infernal rhythms and will make your blood turn cold in TREPONEM PAL’s blank world.

The haunting tones of the powerful "Let’s Take A Ride" and "Love The Life We Live", tortured by Didier B’s samples, are crowning the compound of the album, proving that the band has come back to its musical roots, adding shades of dark Blues.

Recorded in Paris and coproduced by the band and his old partner-in-crime Jipouille de St Loup, "SURVIVAL SOUNDS" is bringing TREPONEM PAL on tour. They will strike the public with a new stunning show. TREPONEM PAL, on speakers or on stage, is a true experience !

• 2011 : After two years of intense exploration, TREPONEM PAL is taking in a new freak / bass player : Syn-Anton. Together, they will put the finishing touches to "SURVIVAL SOUNDS", searching for "fast forward to the roots" rhythms and sounds.

• 2008 : More than ten years after the previous album, TREPONEM PAL releases "WEIRD MACHINE". Recorded in Geneva and coproduced by David Weber, this LP features, as very special guests, Ted Parsons (drummer of Swans, Prong, Jesu) and Paul Raven (Killing Joke, Godflesh, Pigface, Prong, Ministry). The latter died during the recording but had sufficient time to play bass on 3 tracks of the album… "WEIRD MACHINE" is a missile : toxic, metallic, electronic and psychedelic. The landing behind the drums of Mathys El Marto gives to TREPONEM PAL the power of a bulldozer. The band is squashing Europe, sharing stages with Killing Joke.

• 2001 – 2006 : TREPONEM PAL is sleeping… Marco Neves - in charge of the dub label Hammerbass and of the Dub-Action Sound-system- explores new musical worlds, releasing on Island the "ELEPHANT SYSTEM" album, produced by Adrian Sherwood, the eminence grise of On-U Sound and sound director of various albums of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Front 242, Primal Scream, Lee Perry or Scratch Syndicate.

At the same time, Marco’s explosive mind takes part in compilations released by EMI France and exposing his eclectic musical tastes : Gothic, Metal, Fusion, Rap, Reggae, Dub… Strengthened by these new horizons and with a huge thirst for more brutal experiments, Marco works with his alter-ego Didier B. in order to put TREPONEM PAL back on track. During this period of intense researches arrives Polak, lead guitar and pure source of energy, he brings his raw style to the band’s composition.

• 1997 : TREPONEM PAL signs a contract with Mercury / Polygram and releases "HIGHER". This album is produced by Sascha Konietzko, the brain of KMFDM, and is recorded at the Bad Animal Studio (Soundgarden, Alice In Chains) in Seattle. Heavier and groovy, "HIGHER" confirms the heterogeneity of the band, backed by Didier B.’s machines and samples. Pushed (never too far) by their version of "Funky Town" by Lipps Inc. or by the sonic impact of "Renegade", this album is a landmark in TREPONEM PAL’s journey.

• 1993 : "EXCESS & OVERDRIVE", released by Roadrunner, is still today a cult album for Trepo’s fans and for purists of industrial music, the track "Pushing you too far" becomes a hymn. The whole album counts with the collaboration of Franz Treichler (from the Young Gods) who helps TREPONEM PAL to plan a perfect sonic strike. Thanks to all these energies, the fellows from the north of Paris are nearing, in English, the great names of 90’s alternative scene.

• 1992 : Ministry, on the peak of their career, is billed on the Lollapalooza festival. Al Jourgensen invites two members of TREPONEM PAL to play along with them. 25 legendary shows are resulting from this collaboration.

• 1991 : The French and international critics are paying respects to the album "AGGRAVATION". With the support of Stephen Priestly (Celtic Frost) playing drums, and with songs such as a cover of Kraftwerk’s "Radioactivity", TREPONEM PAL pushes the limit of musical diversity and physical frontiers… The band is a head corner stone (with Godflesh, Pitchshifter and a few others) of the rise of an industrial wave overwhelming Europe.

• 1988 : The eponymous album "TREPONEM PAL"" is released and the band is the first French band to sign a worldwide contract with Roadrunner Records. This album makes waves, mixing feelings, styles and influences from tribal to industrial. On stage, TREPONEM PAL makes it come real, giving hardly mystic gigs all over Europe aside bands like Prong or the Young Gods.

• 1986 : TREPONEM PAL launches the offensive: under the impulse of Marco Neves, the band wants to create a new type of sound: brutal, limitless and unbounded. At the same time, across the Channel and the Atlantic, bands such as Godflesh or Ministry explore the same paths.

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