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Wednesday 8 June 2011, by Syn-Anton

[LINE UP 2011 - 2013]

MARCO NEVES: Vocals, attitude
DIDIER B: Machines, poetry
POLAK: Guitars, riffs
MARTO: Drums, energy
SYN-ANTON: Bass, freak


Marco Neves (singing)
Michel Bassin (guitar)
Fergusson (bass)
David Lebrun (drums) TP line up 86

From the first album

in addition

Laurent B. (guitar) then
Stéphane Cressend (bass) just after Aggravation TP line up 89


Didier Serbourdin aka Ambact (drums) during the album recording

Excess and Overdrive

Amadou Sall (bass) [on the right on the pic]
Fergusson has came back but will join Mass Hysteria later and Laurent B. will form Hoax

During tour :
Caracas (bass) Spagg (sampler) Caracas à droite


Goran Juresic (bass) who will form Lab° after
Didier B. (sampler) [2nd from the left on the pic with Michel Bassin, Marco Neves and Didier Serbourdin aka Ambact] Didier B (2ème en parant de la gauche) rejoint la bande

New line-up : line up 2006
Polak (guitars), Bud on bass then Pierre (ex-Worm Machine, (2008-2011)),
Marto (drums) and Dread Fred (guitars ((2006-2011))
join the tandem.

Weird Machine

Guests on the album: Paul Raven on bass (Killing Joke, Prong, Ministry),
Ted parsons on drums (Swans, Prong, Jesu)


Syn-Anton (bass) joins Treponem Pal whereas the band is working on "Survival Sounds" new album
and leaves the adventure after the release of the album "Evil Music For Evil People Remixes" and the end of the tour "Survival Tour" (Dec. 2013) TP line up 2011

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